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  • I didn't receive order confirmation, why?


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    The order confirmation will be emailed to customers once they place the order. The possible reasons that you did not receive it were:

    • You gave us the wrong email address. Or
    • Your computers Anti-Spam System blocked our email(s). Or
    • Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) blocked our email(s). Or
    • You are using companys email address, your company system had blocked all unknown email.

    How to solve this problem? Please click on your junk email box if you are using Yahoo or Microsoft Outlook; or the Anti- Spam folder if you have installed some software like Norton Internet Security...etc. When you find out email still there, please highlight it and click on Not Spam icon on top in order to unblock our emails in the future; simply move it back to INBOX. Or please check if you gave us the wrong email address. Or change companys email to your personal email address.


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