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    Please read the description of the membership carefully and choose one that fits you the most. Then, follow the instruction, and complete your registration with us. There are different options of our membership for you to choose. Register now and start to purchase from us or to establish a business relationship with us at DancShoesOnline.com.

    • Standard Member - is a default membership. As long as you start to purchase from our store, you will automatically become our standard member unless you choose the another membership. This membership fits to the none-frequent buyers.
    • Student - If you are a dance beginner or a dance student, your age is 18 or below, choosing this membership, you will save a great deal. Learn more…     
    • Volume buyer (Group, School etc.) -The more you purchase and higher discount you will get. You will save up to 40% as a volume buyer. Certain brand exclusions apply Learn more...
    • Distributor - If you are a small to a medium-size store, company or dance studio owner, it is the right program for you. You can start business right away. Learn more
    • ODM Distributor - If you want to have your very own label and want to promote and market it at your costs; and you are ready to sell through your own channel, you have chosen the right program. Learn more



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