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    Vegan Shoes are developed for vegans. It is animal-free without compromising comfort and durability. Please select animal-free materials for both of the shoe body and the sole. (More info below).


    Tree-gum sole is made of tree-gum and designed to be more durable to withstand street dancing or the natural wear and tear on the street and pavement.  Rubber Sole (2mm thick) is the sole which is adhered over the front half of the suede sole for more durability used in routine practice or performance indoor, as an alternative option of Suede sole.  Microfiber Suede Sole The Microfiber Suede Sole is made of Micro Fiber. It is animal free and widely preferred by Vegans.



    Please note that Tree-gum sole and Rubber sole are heavier than Microfiber sole but it’s more suitable for dancing outdoors and on the concrete floor.

    1. All of our Flamingo shoes can be made in Tree-gum, Rubber sole and Microfiber sole. 
    2. All of our Alma Danza shoes can be made in Tree-gum. 
    3. More questions to customize vegan shoes please contact us at support@danceshoesonline.com