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    Please carefully read the articles and the instructions below:

    Why Distributor?
    If you are a small to a medium-size store, company or dance studio owner, it is the right program for you. You can start business right away without being worried about seed capitals and marketing campaign or running costs for manufacturing, quality, quantity, and inventory controls etc., as we take care of all for you; the rest for you to do is to market your students, friends and new customers in your neighborhoods. Please refer to our Distribution Comparison Program that will be sent to you after have registered to become a distributor. Click to Compare Membership benefis.

    What else benefits?
    We can exchange a link with you; if you have your website and agree to comply with our rules; if you have a brick and mortar store, we can send our retail customers to your store for fitting and touching materials of our products before purchasing.

    How to Start?
    For better management purpose, DanceShoesOnline.com has decided to focus on retail business only. Manufacturing and distribution of DSOL dance shoes, dance clothing and accessories is now run by our sister company, DSOLSTORE.COM which offers very attractive prices and terms to its distributors (including ODM distributors), group purchasers and sales representatives.

    Please click to learn more ...(when you click on this link, you will leave our store to DSOLSTORE.COM). Otherwise, you can stay at this page and keep on reading the rest:

    You need to create your profile by clicking on the “Register” link on the top of our sister's website, DSOLSTORE.COM and fill in your personal/company information with it. Then, choose a membership that fits you the most from the drop-down menu of the “Signup for membership” area; create your Username and Password before clicking on “Submit” button to complete your application. After you have submitted your profile, the Merchant Department of DSOLSTORE.COM will review your application, and will contact for the verification. This processing may take from a few hours to few days depending on the workload and the efficiency of our mutual correspondences.
    Registration processing:

    1. Create your profile, choose a membership and submit it by yourself online;
    2. Review your profile and verify it by sending you email(s) or us calling you;
    3. Answer our questions and let us know if you would accept our initial offers that we will send to you via email;
    4. Read the Distribution Agreement; sign and submit it if you agree;
    5. An auto-responded email will be sent you from us that your profile is modified. It means that your application for the membership has been approved or disapproved;
    6. An email with purchasing guideline will be sent to you from the Merchant Department of DSOLSTORE.COM if your application is approved. You can start purchasing then. 

    What if I want to choose my own logo/label/brand?
    Yes, you can but you need choose our ODM Distributor (Private Label) membership, Learn more... 

    We committed that DanceShoesOnline.com our affiliate retail store won't sell CHIME to its retail customers but our distributors only!

    How to Pay?
    We accept PayPal, Pay with amazon, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover card. We also accept US Money Order.

    You can find more information from DSOLSTORE.COM's distribution program (s).


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