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    CVV (Card Verification Value) is a system that matches the credit card number with a 3 digit security code that appears on the back of the credit card. Requiring customers to enter this additional field provides an extra level of cardholder verification.

    Fraud management tool has various names:

    • Visa calls it CVV, Card Verification Value.
    • MasterCard calls it CVC, Card Verification Code.
    • American Express calls it CID, The Card Identification Number.

    How does this filter protect me?
    The Card Security Code filter compares the number provided by you to the number on file with the issuer. A valid Card Security Code helps verify that you have a physical card with you when you place an order.

    An invalid code could be the result of your typographical error or it could indicate that a fraudster did not have the card with them when they placed the order using your card number or information.


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