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    Jan 7, 2019

    Dear customers,

    All "MADE-TO-ORDER" items will STOP producing from the earliest Jan 18 2019 and will resume production from the earliest Feb 13 2019 subject to the schedules listed in details below:



    Chinese Lunar New Year holiday is an important holiday for workers in China like our Christmas Holiday. Here below are the schedules of our factories in China. However, our U.S. Office will remain with normal service (10:00 - 19:00 EST). 

    FACTORY' SCHEDULES (For Made-to-order items only)

    Stop Accepting Order Dates |  Resume Dates
    DSOL SHOES:    01/22/2019         02/20/2019 √
    ALMA DANZA:  01/21/2019         02/20/2019  √
    FLAMINGO:       01/22/2019         02/20/2019  √
    SWAN SHOES:   01/18/2019         02/20/2019  √

    DSOL CLOTHING:    01/18/2019   02/13/2019  √ 
    NBfC CLOTHING:     01/18/2019   02/13/2019  √ 

    NOTE: Your order won't start to produce until the date the factory resumes manufacturing as shown above. It takes about 10 to 20 days for production; 7 to 15* days for shipping & delivery. 

    Q. What if I purchase DSOL shoes between Jan 22 - Feb 20 2019, when will my shoes be delivered?
    A. Your shoes (Made to order) will be made and delivered in 17-35 days from 02/20/2019 on first-come-first-served basis. Those "Ready-made" items stocked in U.S. & UK won't be affected.

    Q. How can I find those shoes stocked in US & UK?
    A.  Simply put your cursor on "Dance Shoes" of our catalog, then, find the "Ready to ship" from the drop-down menu, before clicking either on "Stocked in Kansas, US (our warehouse) or "Stocked with amazon" (US or UK).

    Q. Can I still choose "Expedited Service" to expedite my order's Turnaround Time?
    A. We will resume the Expedited Service soon whenever production operation resumes smoothly. In case, you'd mistakenly placed an order, please do not worry, just simply contact us for cancelling it.

    * This is for U.S. customers, if you are living in other countries, take it as your reference.

    Still need Help?  Contact us now. Bear in mind that we are always here to help!  


    Customer Care Team!