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    May 5, 2023

    For appreciating our customers who have been supporting to us in the past and also offer to new customers who do not understand our sizing,  we decided to give out/offer ONE FREE PAIR OF OUR DANCE SHOES LISTED IN OUR FOLLOWING CATAGORY/LINK. This offer ends when shoes are given out. There are total of three thousand of them. Ready for it? 

    We are NOT out of business! We rather benefit our customers than letting these shoes sitting there. We hope we all are bouncing back from the COVID-19!! :)



    Please follow the instruction below to get a pair of free shoes: 

    • Customers need to pay for shipping costs that are offered by third parties. For US Customer, you will only pay US$9.99; Customers living outside of US will be subject to your shipping costs informed by us after we received your order. 
    • All shoes are on first come first serve basis. Since it's not a real-time system, it may happen more customers order a same pair of shoes. In this case, we will be informed to choose another pair. 
    • If your desired size is not available, it means it is out of stock. In this case, you have to choose another style of shoes with available size. 
    • Choose the "Phone ordering" as your payment method. You will find this option under Credit card and PayPal Express methods. Please finish your order placement by clicking on the "Place order $xx.xx". Yes, it still shows the price tag but you WON'T BE CHARGED as you've selected the "Phone ordering" payment method except the shipping cost which will only by paid after we have received your order and confirmed your chosen item is available. Then, we will send you an invoice for it.


    NOTE: Every one (email address) is limited to get a free pair of shoes only. DSOL and Alma Danza are using the similar sizing molds for making shoes.