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  • Customize Your Shoes

    Please follow the instruction below to customize your very own ballroom dance shoes:

    STEP 1)  MANUFACTURER - Only two manufacturers provide CUSTOMIZATION service: Flamingo and Alma Danza (also customize most of DSOL brand). Please choose one of them you are more familiar with;

    STEP 2)   SHOE STYLE - There are four options: Sandal, Pump, Rhinestone (Sandal), & Men's Shoes.

    STEP 3)  MY SANDAL - Taking Flamingo's My Sandal as an example:

          A) Label - My Logo option is for Distributors only. General customers do not need to choose, remain the default option unchanged;

          B) Style Code - Choose your favorite style from Flamingo's Catalog under Sandal. Taking "Tan Ladies Sandal fls378-2" as an example, simply type in this code or copy and paste it into the Style Code box;

          C) Shoe Body - Clearly indicate what you would like us to do. For example:

    1. VAMP: I like it changed to be "Green color";
    2. Strap: Same style but I prefer "Purple color";
    3. Counter: I like it to be  "Green color";
    4. Heel: "Green Color";
    5. Sole: I'd like to put my logo on (Distributor only) 
    6. Insole: I prefer Microfiber in darker color etc.

    Note: I'd like to change all materials to be "Microfiber" as I am a Vegan. If you are the first-time buyer of our store, please provide us your Foot Measurement:  

    1. Foot Length
    2. Foot Width
    3. Foot Circumference*
    4. Your US Street Size (Open/Close-toe)

    *The correct measurement method is: make a circle around the whole foot. Please refer to f the Foot Measurement page (scroll down to the bottom of this page).

    Proper measurements ensure a proper fit. Please provide the following measurements to us. Make sure you are standing on the floor with your natural body weight on it before the measure: https://www.danceshoesonline.com/dsol_foot.html 

    The above instruction is for your reference only, you can design whatever you like. Bear in mind that only when our factory acept and confirm they can work for you. Otherwise, it is not our confirmation.