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    Please carefully read the articles and the instructions below:
    The more you purchase and higher discount you will get without any requirement. You will save up to 40% as a Group Purchaser of our store. It is a simple and straightforward way to purchase. This option is good for schools' dance department, dance schools and dance studios, group and frequent buyers and those who are not yet ready to become our distributor. Click to Compare Membership benefis.

    Better Offers?
    Yes! Our sister store, DSOLSTORE.COM who is an ODM manufacturer & wholesaler, offers very attractive prices and terms to its distributors (including ODM distributors), group purchasers and sales representatives. It offers group discounts for more brands. Please click to learn more (when you click on this link, you will leave our store toDSOLSTORE.COM). Otherwise, stay with us at this page to keep on reading.

    Why different?
    DanceShoesOnline.com is a retailer; and dsolstore.com is a wholesaler. Both stores have their own different focuses and policies. 

    Do I need a coupon? 
    No, you don't need a coupon any more with our new shopping system, you'll find the discount list from your cart.

    What else benefits? 
    DSOLSTORE.COM will keep you posted whenever it has new products and/or more offers. You can upgrade to any of our distributorship programs any time when you are ready. Just contact us.

    How to Pay?
    We accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover card. We also accept US Money Order.

    You can find more information from DSOLSTORE.COM's group purchase program.



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