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    Your Own Logo Artworks

    We provide Customized Logo Imprinted Service on your shoe soles called Screen Printing. In order to have it done, we first need either to develop and receive the right artwork for the said Screen Printing; Secondly, we need to make a mold with the said artworks on before processing the Screen Printing.

    My own Logo is suitable for ODM Distributors and those dancers who like their shoes looked more standing out, more personalized. 


    Q. What are your requirements for my logo?
    A. Our requirements for your logo are:

    1. Printable area on shoes: 5 cm x 2 cm. Your logo will not exceed this size;
    2. We accept the vector formats of your artwork: (CDR, AI, and PDF);
    3. We accept the bitmap formats of your artwork: (BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, and TIF). Please make sure the images you will provide are not less than 600 pixels in order to maintain the excellent effect for transforming formats while designing.


    Q. Can I just send my existing logo to you, and you do the rest for us?
    A. Yes. Certainly, please upload your logo at your shopping cart from the checkout process or create a ticket from our Support Desk and email it to us at: support/contact


    Q. I don't have my own logo. Can you design one for me? And how much does it cost?
    A. Yes. We certainly can. Our professional graphic designers can help you to develop your artworks. This service will be charged from $150.00 up depending to the workload and time consumption. Please create a ticket from our Support Desk and email your requirements to us at: support/contact :

    1. Full name of the logo and your specific requirements for the logo design, i.e. font style, color etc.;
    2. Image and logo structure and their relationship;
    3. What you want to express through the logo;

    Q. Can we see what the logo looks like before printing?
    A. Certainly. After the artwork is done, we are going to send you the final version for further confirmation. Once your logo is printed on the shoes, they should not be returned for any reason unless it is proved the error of us. View a Sample.

    We do not guarantee the satisfaction the logo we design for you. We only provide up to three designs(one concept and two revisions) if a merchant chooses this service.

    Merchants or customers are required to provide legitimate logo to us. DSOLSTORE.COM will not be responsible for legal liability due to misuse of any of logos or image by our merchants.


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