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Why Professional membership?
Answer respects dance professionals for their contributions to the dance industry. We created this program for all professionals including dancers, dance teachers, coaches and choreographers. We generously offer 25% discount* to all professionals. If you are a professional dancer, a dance teacher or coach, this membership may be a right choice for you.

Definition, Qualification and varification?
Please prove to us your professional status by sending us your credential and/or certificate(s) through email. Our Adminstration Department will review, verify it, and probably call to the relative institution, school or college for further varification.

How to Register it?
You need to create your profile by clicking on the "Register" link on the top of our website and fill in your personal/company information. Then, choose a membership that fit you the most from the drop-down menu of the "Signup for membership" area; create your Username and Password before clicking on "Submit" button; to complete your application, please also email  to us your resume or explaination why you applied for this membership to "". After you have submitted your profile and the application email, our Adminstration Department will review all them, and may contact you for the verification. This processing may take from few hours to few days depending on the workload and the efficiency of our mutual correspondences.

Registration processing:

  • Create your profile, choose a membership and submit it; please also send your resume or reason to support your application to;
  • Review your profile and verify it by sending you email(s) or calling you by us;
  • Answer our questions and let us know if you would accept our initial offers that we will send to you via email;
  • Read the Professional Purchase Agreement; sign and submit it if you agree.
  • An auto-responded email will be sent you from us that your profile is modified. It means that your application for the membership has been approved or disapproved.
  • An email with purchasing guideline will be sent to you from our Adminstration Department if your application is approved. You can start purchasing then.

What else benefits?
We will keep you posted whenever it has new products and/or more offers.

How to Pay?
We accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover card. We also accept US Money Order.

Note: * discount offer may change anytime at our discretion without a prior notice to you.

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